Successful Cases

Since 1998, with the support of the Singapore Government and different religious groups, Venerable Master Chin Kung has adopted the Four Approaches to promote mutual assistance, mutual love and mutual learning amongst the nine major faiths in Singapore, and subsequently unify them as one big family. In 2000, a millennium dinner was held in Singapore at which practitioners of the nine major faiths in the country prayed together for peace. In May 2000, at the invitation of the Chinese Religious Affairs Bureau, leaders of the nine major faiths in Singapore visited the major religious groups in China and established friendly relations. During the visit, they formed a ‘religious touring group’ and went on trips. For over ten days, they lived together as a family and discussed the teachings of their respective faiths. In 2006, practitioners of the nine major faiths in Singapore prayed for world peace hand in hand at the UNESCO headquarters.

Venerable Master Chin Kung later went to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, where he initiated interfaith harmony and dialogues, and the results have been very encouraging.

In 2000, Venerable Master Chin Kung was invited by the Australian Government to immigrate to Australia and assist the cohesion of local religious and ethnic groups. In 2002, Pure Land Learning College Australia was established. Since then, it has been adopting the Four All-embracing Methods to promote harmony and cohesion in Toowoomba. Every Saturday evening the College holds a Friendship Dinner at which college members communicate with Toowoomba residents and strengthen their friendship. It has been highly praised by the residents. Venerable Master Chin Kung has supported and helped set up the Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre, which has seen wonderful results in interfaith harmony.

For example, in February 2009, the Pure Land Learning College Association (PLLCA) and Griffith University jointly held a “Multi- faith Summit: One Humanity, Many Faiths” in Brisbane City Hall with attendance of 288 representatives from 148 religious and faith communities in Asia and Australia. Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid, former Indonesian President also attended, even though he was ill. All leaders from different religions and faiths engaged actively in the discussions and benefited from the summit. At its conclusion, most regarded it as a milestone event for multi-faith cooperation in Australia, and it had a profound influence on future interfaith work.

In December 2011, the PLLCA and the University of Southern Queensland jointly held an interfaith forum, “A Harmonious World Begins With the Mind.” More than 1200 people from the local community and overseas attended. The representatives from different religions and faiths had in-depth discussions in relation to the sacred texts and essential teachings of their respective faiths. The conclusion was that each and every religion teaches the message from the same God, and the message is the “teaching of love.” There should be no fundamental conflict among religions, and all religions sould cooperate and work together in harmony.

In Malaysia and Indonesia, Venerable Master Chin Kung has participated many times in various interfaith forums and dialogues. On the issue of religious harmony, Venerable Master Chin Kung received great support from Dr. Mahathir, the former Prime Minister, and Mr. Najib, the current Prime Minister, as well as Mr. Yudhoyono, the current Indonesian President. He has been invited many times to participate in interfaith dialogues with Malaysian and Indonesian inter-religious delegations to China and to the Vatican. During these visits, leaders of different faiths were like a big family as they had direct and candid exchanges, and their friendships were greatly deepened.

In May 2012, the first interfaith peace forum was held in Thailand. Delegates from various countries were invited and leaders and representatives of many religions attended. Seventeen UNESCO Ambassadors also attended, setting a new milestone in Thailand’s Interfaith peace journey.

In November 2012, the president of Sri Lanka initiated and held a forum, titled “Inter-Religious and Cultural Conference,” with over 1000 participants coming from all over the world, including twenty-five UNESCO Ambassadors and delegates from China, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, etc. Thorough discussions were held and enriching tours were some of the highlights, which successfully created an environment for dialogue and communication that generated great impact on many levels.