Restoring Religion as Education

Religions Need to Focus on Learning and Practicing

In the last one to two hundred years, religious rituals and ceremonies have gradually been given more emphasis, and the learning and practicing of the essential teachings of religions have been neglected. This has contributed to the misunderstanding that religions are superstitious. Venerable Master Chin Kung suggested that religions cannot only focus on rituals and ceremonies, but also need to focus on learning and practicing the essence of the sacred texts of our religions. This is the only way to restore the vitality of our religions. Religion is the key to world peace and harmony. Education is the key to revitalizing religions. In order to reenergize religions and to purify human mindsets, the first priority is to restore the true nature of religion, which is education. All saints and sages of each religion advocated and practiced their teachings. Jesus taught for three years, Confucius five, Mohamed twenty-seven years while the Buddha taught for forty-nine years. They are good examples for all people.

Venerable Master Chin Kung followed the example of the Buddha and has taught on the sutras for fifty-nine years now, and strongly believes in this practice. Even though he is ninety-one years old, he dares not relax. He teaches daily, and his recorded teachings are then put on the Internet for distribution. Venerable Master Chin Kung believes there have been positive effects in changing the mindsets of people. Hence, he affirms that religious teaching can resolve crises and promote peace and harmony. Specifically, education is of primary importance for self-cultivation in establishing one’s destiny; for embarking in a business and managing a family; for establishing a nation and leading its people; for creating a society that is courteous and honorable; for bringing forth social stability, peace and harmony; for creating prosperity and peace for the people; for establishing a glorious era marked by lasting peace; for establishing heaven on earth; and for establishing the Pure Land.



▲The power of the religion is in its respective scriptures——《Restoring World Peace,Water Knows》