Restoring World Peace,Water Knows

Speaker: Liu Ming-Te

Time: 28 September 2017

Venue: UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

We feel relaxed, calm and clear-minded when we hear the water, see the water, get close to it, or touch it. Why so? Is it because life comes from water? Is it because water and life are closely related? Or is it because we simply cannot live without it? All of the above may be true. Our close relation with water is innate. When life is being formed, water is the first exterior existence that is felt by it. This is probably why water can give us a sense of peace as if we were back to the original point of life. But is this influence and inter-link with water only unilateral?

After extensive research and experiment on the message of water, we are going to show you the secret of the cosmos revealed by water—world peace is starting from our mind, water konws⋯